Driving Biological Understanding of Data By Coupling Adverse Outcome Pathway Networks, R and Cytoscape

Visualize AOP Networks. It'll blow your mind.

With AOPXplorer, you can visualize AOPs from the AOP Ontology. The AOP Ontology is a community resource updated with AOPs from the AOP-Wiki as well as disease pathways.

See your data on an AOP network. See for yourself what's going on.

AOPXplorer combines the analysis power of R with the visualization power of Cytoscape. You can perform all of your data analyses using your favorite R workflows and packages. AOPXplorer allows you to send these analyses and AOPNs to Cytoscape for visualization.

Why learn new stuff? AOPXplorer is built on R and Cytoscape -- software you already know and trust.

R, RStudio, CRAN, Bioconductor, Cytoscape and its apps -- these are all available to you when you use AOPXplorer. We know you don't want to learn a new user interface. We understand that it takes time to install software. That's why we minimized this as much as possible.

Installation AOPXplorer requires some software, much of which you may already have.

AOPXplorer installation instructions

Next Steps You've installed AOPXplorer, now what?

Examples of How to Use AOPXplorer

The AOPXplorer will be ready for release soon. It is in the final streth of development, testing, and documentation. We expect a release around September 2016 (probably sooner).

Email Lyle Burgoon to get notifications about AOPXplorer's launch.